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The Style That Defined a (Mid) Century

You’ve seen it mentioned countless times on Facebook Marketplace, Wayfair ads, Madmen episodes, and Pinterest boards. But what is “Mid-Century Modern”, and where did it come from? In short, “Mid-Century Modern” is a term coined by Author Cara Greenburg in 1984 in her book, Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of the 1950s. This term describes a styleContinue reading “The Style That Defined a (Mid) Century”

The Style That Defined a Decade – 1980s

Every decade seems to have it’s own distinct artistic style. When you think about the 1950s, many of us imagine Space Age/Atomic styles characterized by “boomerang” shapes, teal blues, pinks, and yellows. The 70s were characterized by warm hues like orange, yellow, and brown. You need only to glance at the original Pong packaging toContinue reading “The Style That Defined a Decade – 1980s”